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. . . { general anirate } . . .

An general anime rating community!

General anime rating
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    Welcome to general_anirate, an rating community dedicated to all animanga out there! There's no regular application here, but just dozens of different themes for you to apply to see which character do you resemble the most in terms of personality in different series! Just join, vote, fill out the applications and have fun. (:

    + Please vote on 5 applications, Tag your application as !unstamped before posting and you may only have one unstamped application at a time. Take note of these before posting a application.
    + No flamming, insulting on other people. Do not sheep. Of course, applicants may screen comments. (: Bold your votes, and you may vote up to 2 characters. If you want to change your vote, just comment again. (:
    + You will be stamped after receiving four similiar votes, after receiving 10 vote without reaching 4 similar votes, or one week later after your application has been posted. You may also restamp anytime you want.
    + Have fun ~! ♥

    How to vote: Read the application carefully, and vote by commenting which character do you think the applicant is most similar to! Explainations for votes are love. <3

    Please use this application for all themes! (however, for the special themes like matchmaker, lovechild etc etc have their own unique application, so check out the pages for them for the application.)

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