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〖tales of xillia〗
grimoire wrote in general_anirate
Name: Laura
Gender: F

Describe your personality: Describing myself always makes me feel uncomfortable but... Well, as far as personality types go I am an INTJ, a mix of The Analytical & The Independent Thinker, Type 1, and a Scorpio. I am someone very distant, secretive, serious and introverted. A quiet loner but I have also heard people saying I have strong opinions, however I voice my opinions usually only when it's needed or I discuss something. I am also not the type who will force my own opinions onto you because even if i don't agree with you, i most of them time will respect your opinion, especially if you're my friend even if i know i am right. I am rather anti-social and i dislike talking about myself most of the time, so yes, i keep to myself most of the time. I am quite cynical and I don't trust people, expect a very few i hold dear. Thanks to being a cynic, i have a cold outlook on a lot of things which makes people describe me as such but there are also those who say i have a somewhat strong sense of justice. As for myself, I think my views are simply very rational and i myself aren't as cold as people think, just not too emotional and someone who follows her brains rather than her heart. I'm also pretty critical, logical, easily annoyed, honest, stubborn, rational, loyal, practical, firm, reliable. I am someone who is quite collected and calm most of the time but my friends often like to remind me of my berserk button. It's easy to annoy me, but it's hard to make me angry (unless you really annoy me by default, lol) but once you do... Even though, i am not reckless nor impulsive. I am cautious about most of the things. What I say, what I do, how I do it etc. I almost always think twice before saying anything to make sure I don't make someone feel uncomfortable or not to hurt them/make them upset, unless that's my intention which it often is if you anger or bash me. I am bad with words when it comes to certain matters (especially feelings) so i often tend to say harsh and unfortunately it's not on impusle. I have been told I am good with arguments if i want to, not to be bold (though that's nothing to be proud about anyways) but it's also pretty easy for me to manipulate others... I guess you could describe me as a bit manipulative. Lastly, I am somewhat apathetic about most thing things but I can be quite passionate if i really care about something. I don't get too attached to people usually but if i really care about someone, they become very important to me and I'd always put them before myself even if I don't show it.
Personality type, Horoscope etc etc: *points above*
How do others around you describe you?: Most people see me as a distant loner who doesn't like to get involved with them too much. Aside from what i wrote above: intimidating, sarcastic, somewhat snarky, too distant, cautious, smartass when annoyed, intelligent, "always in a bad mood", proud, intense in a subtle, non in-your-face, way. "Modest to the point where i hate people complimenting me".

Positive traits: Independent, helpful to friends, strong-willed, honest, understanding, logical, thoughtful, cunning, patient, reliable, rational, realistic, collected, mature, good listener, observant.
Negative traits: Analytical, introverted, mischievious, perfectionist, private, sarcastic, smartass when annoyed, curious but not overly so, cautious, easily annoyed, rather stubborn but not overly so, serious, short-tempered, anti-social, calm with a berserk button.

Likes: Some things. I really find it rather bothersome to list my likes and dislikes because there is just too many things.
Dislikes: It's easier with dislikes however, so here you go: Mostly, I dislike overly selfish, stupid, idiotic, fake, ignorant, shallow, annoying, clingy, way too talkative people. Also posers... and those who accuse others of something while they should look at themselves first. Well, pretty much all the nonsense people can come up with. Don't get me wrong, i am a pretty understanding person but when it comes to people acting different just to be seen as cooler or whatever, my understanding drops to 0. I also tend get very easily irritated when someone is far too impulsive and doesn't think before doing pretty much everything. I also dislike insects quite a lot, heights, not tasty food, when you push me into doing something I don't want to do, talk down on me, attack me for no reason etc.

T H I S -O R- T H A T
Realistic, Idealistic, Optimistic or Pessimistic?: A pessimistic realist.
Dominant or Submissive?: Dominant.
Logical or Impulsive?: Logical.
Cynical or Trusting?: Cynical.
Introverted or Extroverted?: Introverted.

You are being told that you hold a unique power that can save the world. What will you do?: I would try them out on someone i don't like. Nothing, really. It depends on a situation, why do I need unique powers if the world is not in danger? I'd probably just deal with it/hide it away until I will actually really need it.
A stranger randomly comes up and hugs you from the back! How will you react?: I hate hugs and strangers so i'd tell them not to touch me and if that doesn't help, I will try to release myself from the "hug" and try to ignore them. I'd rather not get in an argue with a stranger but at the same time I won't be polite to someone who does something like that.
A strange creature enters your house from your window and wants to stay at your house. Will you let it stay?: No unless it's a cute dog-like or bunny-like creature, I have a soft spot for these. I don't even know what is it in the first place so obviously I won't trust it and let it into my house.
What will you do if there's a sudden zombie attack? (You may describe how you are going to survive the whole thing or fight off the zombies, be creative! :D): Try to get rid of the zombies that get in my way or get close my friends *not creative at all*
Will you sacrifice yourself in order to save someone?: If it's someone close to me/someone I care about then yes. If it's someone I don't know... as selfish as it sounds, i wouldn't.
A flying pig! *points behind you*: ...Don't make fun of me Yingyu! Such things don't exist.

Is there a character you don't want to be voted as? (limit up to 3): Kristoph Gavin

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I really can hardly see anyone coming even close to how similar you're with Miles Edgeworth, haha. I only know him from the manga chapters I read, sadly, so I guess I'm not the best judge here, but still, I hope it still gives him enough justice. For once, I think how people describe you is almost exactly the same as how people would describe him, he's also good at the same things you're good at and likewise with bad things, such as being able to manipulative people in a way, as he can appear completely disintentested while actually his brain is working and calculating. He isn't eager to express the way he feels at all, like you. Most of your key traits sound very much like him, too. Whenever people praise him, he mostly shrugs it off even though he does look a bit smug at times, too, which is a lot like you being modest to the point of you hating people complimenting you. This might be a bit random, but your answer about the situational hug really reminded me of Edgeworth! Really, I could practically go on forever here, lol.

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