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pinkified wrote in general_anirate
Name: Natalie.
Gender: Female.

Describe your personality: My enneagram type is The Loyalist. I am also a Considerate Curator (though when I took the test again I got Faithful Visionary, haha, I just still think that first type fits me slightly more) and Dreamy Idealist i.e. IntrovertediNtuitiveFeelingPerceiving. My zodiac sign is Gemini, although I feel that Libra or Pisces could've fit me slightly better. I do think that Gemini fits me in a way that I have quite a lot of sides to my personality, nevertheless.
Let's see, now... I'm a person with a lot of flaws, the biggest one being my shyness, I may even seem anti-social to some; I really have trouble with talking freely to people at first, although afterwards I open up a little and become very fun and friendly. At least I hope I'm being fun, haha... well, people do tell me that I'm the best one to talk to :) I can sometimes be selfish, but still deep inside I care a lot about others, even though I don't always show it. I'm also very polite and I highly respect rules, even if at times I do think some of them are just meaningless, I think I would have been a good class president who wouldn't bother anyone who doesn't want to be bothered. I don't like depressing and sick things, such as cannibalism and murder in general, though I'm not ignorant and I do admit it exists and is a problem. I love fantasy, humour, romance and adventures. I'm also slightly tsundere, when I think about it, because I get very easily embarassed when I talk about love or feelings and other things like that and I may not show my affection towards someone as openly as others. Let's just say I'm more of a shy tsundere type rather than outgoing tsundere type? I won't go around hitting the one I love, but I might give them the cold shoulder.
"Good advice. If I listened earlier, I wouldn't be here. But that's just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." - me in a nutshell.
How do others around you describe you?: My family members tend to see me as kind, sheltered, naive, lazy, easily hurt and humorous. My real life friends see me in a lot of different ways, actually, from what I remember one of them said I was a very confident and cheerful person who likes to face problems and another said I was soft, kind, innocent and yet snarky. When it comes to my online friends, let's see... they often say I'm cute, I don't know why, honestly. Actually, that is something that can be applied to every single group I already mentioned, otl. Anyways, they also called me blunt, gutsy, funny and nice.

Positive traits: Internally strong, imaginative, friendly, intelligent, funny (or I try to be, that is, haha), understanding, sympathetic, a peacemaker, curious, flexible, easygoing, thoughtful, warm, kindhearted, polite, conscientious, forgiving, honest, in a more gentle way. I try not to hurt people with the harsh or not so harsh truth unless I feel they deserve that.
Negative traits: Sensitive, anxious, feisty, distractable, lazy, sort of selfish/spoiled, stubborn, dependent, unfocused, initially guarded, impatient (to a point), slightly critical, finical, agreeable, bossy, spontaneous, unsure, petty, can be grumpy and prideful.

Likes: Reading, it's one of my passions in life: I get so very excited and emotional whenever I read an awesome book and sometimes I look very, very silly when I'm reading and smiling; drawing, I always make sketches of weird fluffy people/clothing with various expressions (and I tend to actually mimic their expressions!) when I'm bored, especially at school; internet... I can't live without it! lol. No, actually, my sister and I had a bet to see if I can not use internet for two days and of course, I won that bet. There goes my competitive spirit :)
Dislikes: Having to take a lot of medicine, which doesn't help the matter really, because I do have to take a lot of it still. Certain supporterts of gay rights or feminism or other "popular" cultures who seriously are losing it with taking everything way too seriously and not even letting others state their honest opinion; people who like to bring others down because they're not cool enough, in whatever sense; drugs, alchohol, having to breathe smoky air, boiled vegeatebles, bitter chocolate and bitter things in general, unfairness, having to listen to betchy authority, being left alone when all I want is to be with someone.

T H I S -O R- T H A T
Realistic, Idealistic, Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Realistic idealist.
Dominant or Submissive?: Submissive, but I won't take shit from no one. Sorry for swearing, but it's true :D
Logical or Impulsive?: I'd say I tend to act impulsive most of the time unwillingly, but it doesn't mean I can't use my brain.
Cynical or Trusting?: It's really hard to answer, but I'm thinking slightly more trusting than cynical.
Introverted or Extroverted?: I hide my feelings a lot (sometimes successfully), but at the same time I'm very open with my close friends, I'll basically tell them anything as long as I feel they're willing to listen.

You are being told that you hold a unique power that can save the world. What will you do?: Me, unqiue power? This must be some sort of a prank. And I'm not fit to save the world anyway! I'll probably say that secretly hoping it's true.
A stranger randomly comes up and hugs you from the back! How will you react?: Be embarassed forever and try to push them away, as well as look at them in the most awkward way possible, haha. I just don't like random strangers, okay, I be scaring them with my awkward powers.
A strange creature enters your house from your window and wants to stay at your house. Will you let it stay?: If it's Kyuubei, then no. It all really depends on a lot of things, but knowing me I probably would let it stay with a couple of whines and complains because I just can't not... help living things if they need it, haha. THAT SOUNDS LIKE A DISNEY PRINCESS /is shot.
What will you do if there's a sudden zombie attack? (You may describe how you are going to survive the whole thing or fight off the zombies, be creative! :D): Um... I really didn't think about that ever, honestly, haha. I just find this way too impossible! But if something like that DID happen, I guess I'd try to stick with my close people/try to know if my friends are okay? And fight back with various plans, lol.
Will you sacrifice yourself in order to save someone?: If that someone is worth sacrificing myself for. The thing is, I hate seeing the people I love suffer and some part of me would probably die along with them, which is why sacrificing myself is not a big deal to me, compared to what could happen; I guess in that sort of way, I'm selfish.
A flying pig! *points behind you*: *looks back dazedly* ... stop tricking me! Geez, when will I stop being so naive to random things like that :L *embarassed forever*

Is there a character you don't want to be voted as? (limit up to 3): I'd be nice if you could avoid the overly energetic characters? Other than that, I'm cool with anything.

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I can see a few of the females working for you but as you already know, you do remind me most of Ema Skye. A lot of the other characters I thought of were either too mild or too extreme while I find Ema to be one of the most balances females -- not too energetic, not too introverted etc. While I wouldn't say she is shy, she might come off as somewhat anti-social in AJ, as well as an introverted type of a tsundere -- she can give a cold shoulder and act somewhat cold-ish but she is also capable of being nice, open and rather friendly once she gets to know someone (like with Apollo and Trucy, at first she was rather cold towards them but then she started to warm up a bit as they worked more together). Ema is also strong, intelligent , curious, honest, stubborn but at times she can also appear to be a bit grumpy, critical and bossy. There are also quite a few traits you have that remind me of younger Ema, such as friendly, funny, sympathetic. The rest of your answers, especially to the situational questions, remind me a lot of how Ema is now and was before she became more cold-ish.

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