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yamachan01 wrote in general_anirate
Name: Yingyu
Gender: F!

Describe your personality: Though I may seem cold or confident on the outside (depends on person lmao), I'm actually a talkative and friendly person (I think). I have always been told that I have very weird or imaginative ideas, as well as having interesting logic to things and it's hard to tell what I'm thinking. I'm usually very calm & patient, and even if I'm irritated or frustrated, I tend to keep it to myself. But once my patience had reached it's limit -that's it. I actually have a very violent temper (expect to see things fly when I'm angry), but usually I'm able to control my temper. I'm more on the reserved side, and I like to know the both sides to things. I'm also very curious and loves the truth. I can be very crazy and random if I want to . And of course, teasing people is fun I also consider myself as a fair person -to the point that I may sometimes not even side on my friend side if they are in the wrong. If I'm really into or doing something I like, I will pour all my heart and soul into it... but if it's something I don't like, I won't even give a damn about it. And oh... I'm also extremely clumsy and often trip. (not to mention bad with directions) ><

Personality type, Horoscope etc etc:Analytical Thinker, Libra-Scorpio cusp (i'm more scorpio, and I dislike the libra traits i have), Rising Leo, Moon of Gemini, Either The reformer or The peacemaker (1w9), INTP/INFP mix... as you can see i'm bipolar

How do others around you describe you?: Calm, Good-listener, Fierce, Pervert, Hyper, Understanding, Friendly, Outgoing, Cute, Critical, Scary, Crazy, Random, Clumsy, Confident, Quiet, Imaginative, Hardworking, Daring. (I don't even know where half of these come from!)

Positive traits: Passionate, Curious, Intellectual, Innovative, Organized, Original, Creative, Aesthetic. Other lesser traits includes Warm, Symphathetic, Emphathetic, Understanding, Unflappable, Responsible, Rational, Resilient, Independent.
Negative traits: Loose, Introspective. Other lesser traits include Distracted, Authoritattive, Assertive, Abrasive, Unsettled, Volatile. Other negative traits which I think I possess: Introverted, Sarcastic, Critical, Blunt, Paranoid.

Likes:Reading, Animanga, Gaming, TCG, Collecting cute stuffs (Rilakkuma, Cinnamoroll), Animals (Pandas, Penguins), Collecting color pens, Collecting accessories such as Earrings and Bracelets, Nail Art
Dislikes:Bugs, Noise, Loud noises, People complaining, Uncooperative people, Unfairness, Sweet food.

T H I S -O R- T H A T
Realistic, Idealistic, Optimistic or Pessimistic?:A pessimist that always seem like a optimist (I think), and I'm in-between realistic & idealistic.
Dominant or Submissive?: Depending on the situation.
Logical or Impulsive?: Logical with Impulsive moments.
Cynical or Trusting?: Cynical.
Introverted or Extroverted?: Introverted definitely.

You are being told that you hold a unique power that can save the world. What will you do?: Seriously? Would be my first reaction lol. I will only really embark on a journey if the thing really threatens the safety of my loved ones.
A stranger randomly comes up and hugs you from the back! How will you react?: Either "O_O STUNNED" or *steps on the person's foot*
A strange creature enters your house from your window and wants to stay at your house. Will you let it stay?: If it's cute I will let it stay. C:
What will you do if there's a sudden zombie attack? (You may describe how you are going to survive the whole thing or fight off the zombies, be creative! :D): Just pack a lot of food and run and make sure they don't eat my brains? LOL. Or plant plants.... yeah, too much Plant VS Zombies. XD
Will you sacrifice yourself in order to save someone?: I don't think, as I don't think I'm brave enough to do that.
A flying pig! *points behind you*: *plays along with it* Oh my, there's wings on it too!!

Is there a character you don't want to be voted as? (limit up to 3): Go wild! :D

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Voting on all now! :D
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Hmm, I would say Lana Skye! Like you, she might appear as someone cold and confident, but is actually friendly and kind. She's also calm and patient, as well as a fair person who puts her heart and soul into things she's interested in. Lana fits most of your key traits, too, such as passionate, intellectual, organized, creative, aesthetic, symphathetic and responsible :)

Hmm, I am thinking maybe Mia Fey, with some Ema here and there, as well. Mia can get serious and intimidating but she is rather friendly once you get to know her. Just like you, she is very calm and patient but she can get angry if you reach a certain point. She is also reserved and a very fair person -- her description even reminded me she'd take a case even if it was hopeless, just because she believed someone was really innocent. Well I just copied your whole personality description but...
Other than that, I think she'd be described as good-listener, understanding, fierce, critical, confident, hard-working, daring and even scary when she gets serious in the court. I think most of your traits also fit you well, she is one of the thinking type while being balanced in general. I feel maybe she might not be as funny as you are but I can't think of anyone who would be as fitting, at least in my opinion.

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