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Ano Hana
serah❝ the dreamer
serah wrote in general_anirate
Gender: Female

Describe your personality:I am a person that shows two types of personality; The chatterbox and
cheerful dorky person (mostly online and with only close VERY close
people) who loves to give hugs (any other type of contact is forbidden
to me because i feel too uncomfortable), roll on the floor, giggle and
read like a maniac and well mostly, talking to other people, my other
side is pretty quiet, almost like i don't like to socialize, i don't
behave like girls usually do that like going out at night or like when
pretty boys pass through them, i pretty much ignore them and i get angry
or annoyed, i'm sarcastic and a bit blunt at times and i am not afraid
of sounding too honest because i don't like to hide what i feel like in
certain topics. Overall i am a friendly person, like a next-door kind of
girl, i have laughing fits from the most silly things ever, at times
they might not even be funny but to me i just can't help it but to laugh
my tussy out, i'm highly protective and i admit, i'm a momma's girl, i
always hold on to her whenever she's around me and i love to give gifts
to people i love and that mean something to me, even if it's just a
drawing or a drabble, the best gift to me is really a smile.
Unfornutatly the down side to me is that i am not someone that forgives
others that easily nowadays, if someone hurts me, makes me cry or suffer
i won't forget it and i will probably become very cold and for a couple
of days even depressed, also i am incredibly stubborn so it's horrible
to have a fight with me because i won't just shut up, i'm also very
sensitive so anything can make me cry and i become frustrated quite
often because of this single aspect of mine
Personality type, Horoscope etc etc: Sagittarius/Dragon, http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=DEJlCDBumZGgNWU-AE-CDAAC-4881&u=ac817ab849f2 <- Generous thinker, INFP
How do others around you describe you?:It depends, my mother says i'm too reserved, almost like i have an
unbreakable shell that doesn't let anyone in, that i'm sweet but i have
one hell of a temper, a bit of a loony because of my insane love for my
dog. My online friends find me sweet and caring and well, huggable and
supportive, as for my real life friends they find me pretty funny at
times, i can have the biggest moodswings, they say i'm blunt, honest,
caring and opinionated but incredibly lazy and a bit scatterbrained

Positive traits:kind, supportive, benevolent, motherly, understanding, cheerful, streetsmart
Negative traits:Self centered, dramatic, over sensitive, lazy, large mouthed, lazy, thick head

mangas, flowers, artbooks, copics, family, friends, water, mythology,
history, economics, english, pretty dresses, fashion, figurines, the
smell of the ocean, shells, video-games, kindness, honesty, messy haired
boys, Disney movies, copics, graphic making, amv making, going out,
movies, hanging with friends, making lame jokes, laughing, role playing,
Oc's, sleeping, pianos, violins, beaches, nature, singing, music,
romance, novels, books, celtic songs.
Dislikes:rude people,
needles, balloons, hospitals, retarded comments, waking up early, spicy
food, being ignored, being mistreated, ruining shoes, too cold or too
hot weather, loud and strong noises, nasty smells, being bored, being
bossed around, ugly clothes and cosplays, backstabbing and argues

T H I S -O R- T H A T
Realistic, Idealistic, Optimistic or Pessimistic?:I'm realistic most of the times, things are the way they are and
there's nothing anyone can say or do to change them, i admit although,
that i can be very pessimistic or optimistic depending on my mood
Dominant or Submissive?: I'm neither to be honest, i don't like to play dominant or submissive games with people, i'm such a stray cat so yeah
Logical or Impulsive?: I can be logical when it's needed but i can also be very impulsive when it comes to feelings and such
Cynical or Trusting?:Right now? I am more cynical
than trusting, sure i have no problem in adding people as friends over
lj but in real life i rarely trust anyone
Introverted or Extroverted?:I'm a mix of these two to be honest, i sound like a complete sugar
train at times on livejournal and other times i sound like i am afraid
that people will bite me or something, it depends a huge deal of who i
am dealing with, with my best friends i am carefree and more extroverted
but in real life when i'm with others i'm introverted, quiet and not
very talkative

You are being told that you hold a unique power that can save the world. What will you do?: Well i am a human being, i would pretty much freak out first and then do what my heart tells me to, i'd probably try to do my best to save the world although i admit that it's quite overwhelming to think about it
A stranger randomly comes up and hugs you from the back! How will you react?: HOLY SH---- that's what i'd do.....Other than that i'd just open my eyes widely and stay paralyzed with a total wtf face
A strange creature enters your house from your window and wants to stay at your house. Will you let it stay?: Depends....on a lot of things, first of all, why the hell did that creature entered inside my house in particular and second....IS IT CUTE?! (not kyubei cute because that's not cute, AT ALL)
What will you do if there's a sudden zombie attack? (You may describe how you are going to survive the whole thing or fight off the zombies, be creative! :D): *thinks*....*brainfreezes* i have no idea, honestly, i'd start by spraying everything with a deodorant..... YES THIS IS RIDICULOUS BUT I CAN'T STAND STRONG SCENTS *headdesks*
Will you sacrifice yourself in order to save someone?: I think i would, i don't treasure my life enough to be selfish to the point of not giving my life to someone that needs it more than i do
A flying pig! *points behind you*: OH HAI THAR *waves arm*

Is there a character you don't want to be voted as? (limit up to 3): Go ahead anything counts \o

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I'm thinking Anaru, even though I did considered Menma! Menma just doesn't seem like the type to sarcastic and the type that looks like she doesn't like to socialize. On the other hand, I think Anaru fits you that she is actually rather dorky (to me), protective, and I can definitely see her in your this or that secion!

I see Menma, definitely. She fits one of your personalities to a T, being a chatterbox and a cheerful dorky person who has laughing fits and generally likes to giggle, talk to other people and roll on the floor... in fact, that's exactly how I'd describe Menma. I also see her as supportive, understanding, cheerful, streetsmart (to a point), dramatic, over sensitive, lazy, large mouthed, lazy and thick-headed.

While I can all of the females fitting in one way or another, I'm also going with Menma. She might not be large mouthed and dramatic, in my opinion, but she fits other traits of yours such as motherly, cheerful, sensitive, think-headed. I also see her as a cheerful dorky and girl-next-door type of a character unlike the other characters. Your situational questions also reminded me of her the most.

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