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Ao no Exorcist theme
Yukio/Rin; om nom nom
xaciel wrote in general_anirate
Name: Ling
Gender: FFFF

Describe your personality:
I like being relaxed, with my friends, listening to music, learning new things, rainy days and observing others. I’m never a very chatty person because I’m very shy. I suppose the fact that I only started talking at the very late age of four contributed to this. I seem indifferent at first impression, but I’m actually a rather friendly person if you get to know me well. 
Personality type, Horoscope etc etc: 
INTPThe InvestigatorIndependent ThinkerAnalytical Thinker,RCUAI, True Neutral/Neutral Good
Also, according to this, I'm self-contained, efficient, calm, introspective, carefree, loose, laidback, cooperative, upbeat and instinctive.
My horoscope is Capricorn, but take note that I am more of a Garden Goat, which is one that is happy to remain in a small place due to lack of adventure spirit and ambition unless being budged instead of the Mountain Goat who keeps going higher, never content until reaching the top. However, both types are patient and pesevering.
How do others around you describe you?:
I'm very indifferent to things or people that have nothing to do with me, but I'm very concerned about things or people which are close to me and I try to treasure them as much as possible.

Positive traits: Loyal, friendly, a good listener, calm and determined.
Negative traits: Being too quiet, procrastinating, clumsy, lazy and not setting my priorities correctly.

Likes: Playing the piano, reading manga + novels, watching anime + youtube videos, drawing fanart, translating Chinese scanlations to English, playing Facebook games + MapleStory, sleeping, posting in forums and spazz about my obsessions to my friends. Does eating count as well?
Dislikes: Doing homework, cleaning up my space, people who cannot spell properly in forums (Not that I'm a Grammar Nazi, but at least it has to be readable) + post pointless posts, eating onion + garlic and hot days.

T H I S -O R- T H A T
Realistic, Idealistic, Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Optimist. I try to be. Or rather, for a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic. I'm quite idealistic to a certain extent until I realise stuff is hopeless at times.
Dominant or Submissive?: Submissive. Too lazy to be dominant.
Logical or Impulsive?: Logical, maybe a bit impulsive on spending money to buy animanga stuff
Cynical or Trusting?: I try to trust as much as possible.
Introverted or Extroverted?: Introverted, too lazy to be extroverted.

You are being told that you hold a unique power that can save the world. What will you do?:
Uh, be shocked about it first, get over it and try my best to use this power. After all, if the world ends, I die...
A stranger randomly comes up and hugs you from the back! How will you react?:
Run away.
A strange creature enters your house from your window and wants to stay at your house. Will you let it stay?:
No. I have not enough beds.
What will you do if there's a sudden zombie attack? (You may describe how you are going to survive the whole thing or fight off the zombies, be creative! :D):
Find supplies and hide somewhere. If they come attacking, then I kick their asses. Otherwise I won't bother to do anything.
Will you sacrifice yourself in order to save someone?:
Normally, no. But if the person is someone I treasure, I might consider sacrificing myself.
A flying pig! *points behind you*:
Pigs don't fly :/

Is there a character you don't want to be voted as? (limit up to 3): Kone

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I am really torn between Amaimon, Yukio and Shima. I think each of them matches some parts of your personality quite well but don't match the rest. I think in the end I will double vote for Yukio and Shima since I am thinking Amaimon might be a bit too extreme. Your more laid-back, loose and relaxed personality reminds me a lot of Shima. He is also more cooperative, optimistic and carefree than Yukio. The other one, on the other hand, matches your personality types very well, he is also more introspective, calm, quiet and introverted. Both of them are rather self-contained and loyal, Yukio also being determined and logical while Shima being lazy, trusting, submissive and more of a procrastinator.

Edited at 2012-01-07 09:09 pm (UTC)

Hmm i think that overall Shima is the kind of character that would suit you the best, he is someone that is too lazy to be dominant and all, he's definitly a relaxed character, loyal and friendly, yup totally traits that suit him!

I personally think that Shiemi is the best fit! You also share a lot of traits with Shima, but I don't think you are as outgoing as him... while Shiemi can be shy at first, she is actually a friendly girl who's loyal, determined, who's also clumsy. ^^ She is also more introverted, submissive, and tries to be more optimistic in situations!

Edited at 2012-01-12 02:48 pm (UTC)

I would say Yukio, personally! Sorry for not helping much with your votes, but I really think he would be the best fit from the options. First of all, he's definitely the type I'd associate with the Capricorn zodiac sign, then Yukio is someone who likes being relaxed around his friends and is eager to learn new things and observe others. He's also mostly indifferent to people or things that have not much to do with him and at the same time very concerned about Rin's well-being, he treasures his loved ones very much. I'd also say that for a pessimist, he's pretty optimistic, haha. Yukio's also submissive (especially at first), logical and tries to trust others.

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